All Natural Cleansing Services

In addition to our selection of all natural food and health & beauty products at Country Harmony Natural Foods, we offer additional natural healing services at our location.  

Ear Candling – Using a wax coated tube, enjoy the release of toxins and excess ear wax through this all-natural procedure.

ionCleanse – through the ionization of water molecules coming in contact with your feet, you can experience the peacefulness and relaxation similar to that of a walk on the beach.  

Ion Foot Cleanse Detox – Before
Ion Foot Cleanse Detox – After
Video of entire ion foot cleanse detox (no sound)

“This was such an amazing experience! I did not know what to expect since it was my first time. I slowly watched the water turn from clear to a disgusting sludge and all I could think is that that was in my body! So glad it isn’t anymore!” – Jessica

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Begins Wednesday, March 1st. While supplies last. Items sold will not be restocked.

Excludes bulk items and furniture. Those items are priced as marked.

Thank you for 24 years serving as your local link to better health!